About Me

You want to know more about Isabelle Winters?

Who am I? I am a aspiring novelist and pursuing my passion in university through an English degree. My birthday is September 6th.

I love to create worlds and people out of thin air, I have my own world, sometimes multiple worlds, in my head that want out. So I write, I read, I draw, I research and I love, completely and with my whole self.

I don’t do anything halfway, I need to go all the way if it is to be done.

Compassion is needed in this world and I am here to give it (doesn’t mean my book will be all hearts and unicorns; because it definitely is not).

You need someone to talk to? I am your girl.

I am in University as well as working so this is going to take hard work, but I welcome it. English major, business minor, for the next three years I will be doing that (maybe more if I get a PhD).

Thank you all for visiting, don’t hesitate to contact me, no matter how “small” the issue or the greeting is.

Love, Isabelle

What am I writing about?

For no I am going to be posting blog entries about absolutely ANYTHING on what I have experienced, experiences/stories by other people I have come across as well as getting some friends and other writers/bloggers to contribute and get their name on the web or to get more readers/followers; as I know some have their own blogs already.

Soon, when I have more time to focus on my writing I will be updating this site to incorporate in my book that I am writing and you will all be able to read a handful of chapters on here but not too much so I give the whole thing away.

Any Questions? If so feel free to contact me and I respond very quickly!