Holiday Wishes

Christmas is the time for socializing, catching up with those dear friends you have been forgetting or too busy to see, and of course the gift of giving. Giving a gift doesn’t have to be literal. It can mean that you are giving someone a second chance; letting bygones be bygones. Giving someone a nice meal for Christmas whether that be a total stranger, either through a food drive or on the street, or for the Christmas dinner party at your home.


I love Christmas. I am for the clichés. Cuddling up with a coffee or hot chocolate in my hand, possibly a book as well, and spending time with your loved ones.aga-putra-125108  becca-tapert-357541

I hope all my readers and all the newcomers checking out Isabelle Winters Blog had a great Christmas Day and have a great rest of the holiday.

I have a couple of projects on the go for work currently so updating will take some strength to stay up late and get it done and an extreme amount of coffee.

Thanks for hanging in there.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

For people in Edmonton and surrounding areas, stay warm! It is extremely cold out there.