Love: Ft. L I S S È

As you can all tell my theme tonight for promoting fellow writers on WordPress is ‘love’. While we all may have different passions, desires and needs – we are all brought together by love. We all possess the ability to love and deserve to be loved.

Here is the poem by L I S S È. It is exquisitely beautiful.

Walk with her and listen to her heart

Listen to the love she’s known

Listen to the lovers she’s embraced

Listen to the hurt she’s felt

She always seems to submerge herself in love

He, they, touch her heart

She loses herself in lust

He, they, have blissfully fulfilled her

Time and time again, as that of a thrilling chapter in a book.

Every chapter, one name

Every chapter, one love

Every chapter, one loss

When will this book full of chapters end…will it end?

Or will this book overflow with unnecessary chapters..

Will she tear the chapters in the book until she finally reaches the heart and soul of the final chapter.

The final chapter will be that of him?

Or will that final chapter just be HER?

Listen to her mind

Listen to her body

Listen her soul