Listen Up WOMEN!

Are you a compassionate woman? Are you a “girly girl”? Are you a nurturing woman? Do you accept people as they are? These are all feelings and ways of being we are all capable of. Do you have a daughter? This is for her too, she needs to hear this, although you may want to pick the parts you will read to her, depending on your style.

In the past year I met a woman who teaches self-defence, and I took part of her class. She is absolutely amazing, I never before met a stranger who made me feel so confident in my own body and showed me the power I had within myself to use whenever I need it. She did not give that power to me though this class, she just allowed me to see that I do have it and that I can use it. Vocally and physically if need be.

I have always wanted to learn to physically defend myself but I also got taught a very small amount of the history of women and how we are treated in all societies. Sometimes we are the butt of a joke “you hit like a girl” or when you are dating a guy or your friend tells you that you are “clingy”. Most of the time that word “clingy” is directed at a female to make her feel guilty and ashamed. Why are we always being shamed? Do some men just not want to acknowledge that there are smart women, sometimes smarter than them? Most of the time right ladies? Joking, joking. There is no “better sex” there is only differences and similarities and the way we live our lives that determine if we are a better person, not the better person.

My class instructor taught us to own our voices, to not be ashamed to speak out and up about something we do not want and agree with (that any reasonable person would disagree with, don’t go overboard on me ladies).

We are taught through Disney and other fairy tales that we need a man to save us, that women are damsels in distress. Distress? Really? They do not give us, women the opportunity or the credit that we deserve. Be your own hero, be another woman’s hero if she can not be her own. Ladies, we need to come together and have each others backs instead of bickering and throwing insults left and right. We have to be above being petty and catty when there is not real and logical reason to be.

If you live in Toronto you may know of this class but you may not as well. If you are interested, please contact me and I can pass along the information. They also do traveling beginner classes as well so they may come to a city near you.

I mean I also learned how to kick some ass if I want to so that was fun and empowering.

I will end this post with a little story:

There was this story of a little girl who was walking with her mother who was pushing her other child in a stroller down a very safe (usually anyway) street that was full of people. This child had fallen just a step behind her mother and was walking along when a man grabbed her from behind and tried taking her when the little 6-year-old girl started yelling and slammed her foot down on the mans foot shattering bones and breaking tendons. I am serious! True story. Since the street was so populated and the mother had called 911 in a matter of second after the daughter had escaped the mans hold and he was caught as the response time was extremely fast on this usually safe street.

No matter how small, young, old, fragile, or how weak we may seem – we are stronger than we, ourselves, think we are.

Find, read and share stories like this with the women and girls in your life because we all should know this. If you think your child is too young to know this then you are wrong. I am not meaning to discredit you or cause any judgement but I am telling you to tell stories like this to young girls; that they are allowed to protect themselves in dangerous and serious situation and that they are not alone, they own their bodies and that no one should do anything without her permission. I am not saying to “unleash” this wild violent side of anyone but to just know it is there and that if need be. We have to have the knowledge and the power to protect ourselves.

“No Price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”