Hats He Puts On

Early in the mornings, Monday through Friday, he wakes up and thrives in his passions, constantly learning and growing into a better person. He drives home, already dreading the thing to come. Work. He used to love it, in fact he used to talk about it all the time but as time passed on he grew tired and exhausted. When did this become a responsibility that was driving him crazy and uncomfortable? He did not know. He just realized one day that he wanted to quit. How does he truly feel about this realization? Why does he need to put on all these ‘hats’ that are making his life worse? 



“I have thought about quitting my job so many times. I love my job though, right? Honestly I am not sure anymore. I know I have had great past experiences at my current job but it has become harder to stay motivated while at this job, getting ready for the job. When I am clocked in all I want to do is leave. Continuing makes me feel unmotivated to accomplish the work and especially to accomplish good work.

When did a job I cared so much for turn into a regular job that I couldn’t give a damn about? Why did it turn into this and what made it happen?

A job is a job for three reasons:

1. Create income

2. Allow you to work

3. Challenge you

Well that is now all I care about this job, now its only a job; not a career, passion, interest, or fun. It is a constant battle to smile while clocked in and not want to say “fuck it” and quit. However at the end of the day this job still provides me the same three fundamentals of a job so why bitch about it?  I choose to bitch about my job only because I think it helps me moves towards a decision i know is inevitable… quitting.

Quitting a job is a massive step; moment in life. Quitting can provide you with freedom of your time but of yourself, working in an environment you cannot be proud of, happy in, or enjoy is toxic and draining. I have never wanted to quit a job in my life, will this be the first time? It is the only thing in an employment circle I have never done. It is terrifying to quit, to burn the relationship between myself, the employee and my employers. I am scared of the reactions and the unease that may come with it.

In the end I still believe that a job should create happiness in your life, enough of it that you don’t dwell about working every shift, that you can occasionally say I enjoy my job and the people I work with and for. Once you get to a place where this no longer happens, Its time to quit.”

anonymous Entry to ‘isabellewintersbooks.ca’

During this conversation with ‘anonymous’ he told me that he thought about this all throughout Monday night. He usually works the weekends and some nights throughout the week. When he told me this it was sad, and I felt frustrated as I had dealt with this in my own past and I could one hundred percent relate to this individual. I know it is hard to make the decision, although for some it is not, most of us are afraid to leave a stain on our record. The same rules apply as relationships; like in my article about When You Know It’s Time. Although you do need to alter the “rules” to fit your situation.

The advice I can give to Anonymous is to trust your gut, if you know you will be thinking of this for as long as you continue to work there, which by your quote above it is quite obvious, then I think it is time to leave. If you want to make sure your relationships with the related people to the job then leave it on a good note. Give enough notice, ask if they need you to do anything extra (within reason), and just let them know they helped you grow and flourish into a good, honest working human being. You are leaving to go further explore and discover your passions in life which takes courage and strength. People like you inspire me to do the same. Take this ‘hat’ off my friend and reach for the stars, you will reach your goal, as long as you allow yourself that freedom. You do not want to regret settling or staying with a career or job you do not enjoy as your life may seem unfulfilled.

Best of wishes Anonymous!
Isabelle Winters