I decided to see what my horoscope says for myself. I am a Virgo and I googled ‘virgo horoscope for the week’ and saw ELLE’s horoscope page and decided to jump right in. Ready?

Here is the overview on my sign according to

“Although you’re the noted sign of the virgin, this epithet can be widely interpreted. What’s common among Virgos: insistence on absolute purity in one area of life. You may be a complete minx in the bedroom but a devout raw-foodist who won’t eat a morsel that’s been heated above 46 degrees.” –ELLE

True? You will never know, cannot give away all my secrets, especially these kind.

“Bottom line: Your hungry mind must have something to obsess about, some subject to study with the fascination of Einstein exploring relativity. You’re the accidental scholar and the eternal student of life, gaining expertise and mastery as a matter of course. Ruled by communicative Mercury, you need an outlet for espousing your ideas, practical wisdom, and political perspectives—social media and the blogosphere were practically invented for you. “-ELLE

Hell to the yes on this! While every Virgo may not identify with this sentence it truly is mine, at least the blogging and writing aspect to it. I am a creative person, I write, draw, design, photograph, and create.

“As an earth sign, you thrive in a structured environment and need to put regular routines in place in order to ground yourself. Your calendar should be treated like a Bible—otherwise, you become stressed-out and scattered. Plan everything, from date nights to fitness to the time you’ll break for lunch each day.”-ELLE

Seriously, I cannot even go to bed until my room is clean or I don’t get a good sleep. I know, it is hilarious but it is now the normal for me (should have seen me as a kid, I swear something at some point was alive in my room…).

Love ’em:Cancer, Gemini

Notsomuch: Aquarius, Leo” –ELLE

No wonder I ended things with so many winter born boyfriends…


Todays Horoscope:

“Financial makeover time? Today, a practical moon faces off with combative Mars in your eighth house or wealth and investments. An unexpected or unavoidable bill could make a short-term mess of your budget—or perhaps it’s coming to light that your budget (or lack thereof) has made a mess of itself. You can sort this out, but you need to make some adjustments to your spending and saving habits. This little shock to your system could be just the motivation you needed to tidy up your game.” –ELLE

How did you know I forgot to pay my phone bill last month and did not realize it till today…(too bad it isn’t freaky Friday, remember that movie?).


Now I named this post as “gibberish” because although it is fun and sometimes can be accurate I am not a 100% believer but I do find them entertaining as many do and although I am not fully convinced it is accurate I hope there is a tad bit of truth wound into these astrological signs (science be damned).

What does November look like for you? Find out at ELLE!


(Thanks for the photo from NASA on Unsplash, where I get most of my photos from!)