The Endless Debate About…

Texting & calling.

images.jpegMost people prefer one over the other. I prefer calling friends and family or people who need to talk to me to do so over the phone if I got a choice between the two. Texting is just impersonal (to really good friends it can be the complete opposite but that doesn’t apply to everyone you text) and calling is easier to understand how someone is saying something and how the other person will interpret what you are saying; which therefore they are hearing.

Although I prefer talking over the phone I do really love texting with my close friends who know how to hold conversations over text messaging (iMessage people, androids…just no; no offence android users).

It is just not for me when you get that person that goes:

“Hey”, “whats up?” and then the worst “nothing much, you?”. Although they usually never put the comma. The confusing guy I dated chatted like this and it was so aggravating because it is like what do you want? Just type what you want and get this pointless “conversation” out of the way! Plus, you feel like you wrote a sentence or three and they reply with “cool” or “I see”.

(I should add this in the question phase of dating; “so how do you text? Do you text like an unattached person that shouldn’t be trying to text to just chat if there is no meaningful conversation or do you text like the few of us who know how to talk to another person without yawning, falling asleep or throwing our phones across the room because the other is texting like an idiot? Well?” Could you imagine? I would definitely do ask someone if I knew that I would never see them again because the date was going bad.)

My friend I referred back to in a couple posts (Infatuation, lust or love and Planning, Creating and Implementing) is a very good conversationalist! He and I had the talk from my last post on the topic of love and it was over iMessage (we used our laptops; so much faster)! Apparently he thought it was such a good conversation that he copied and pasted it into his notes on his computer as well to save it (heart-warming sentiment).

Do we text certain conversations or questions that lead into conversations through text because we are too afraid to say it aloud, because of the reaction we may get from that person if we were to do it in person, are we just lazy or is it all three? It is a debate because we give excuses. “I am so busy I can’t meet up but I will send you a text about it” or when someone asks if you want to hangout and chat, “I am super busy, is there anything you need to talk about? You can text me whenever to talk”. Then that lazy, afraid person goes back to watching a TV show or movie, so busy and important.

I get that we all need “me” time but if there is no other reason why you are blowing this person off than why not meet up or call and talk to your friend over the phone?

If you don’t want to do those things and only text I am betting that relationship is superficial at best.

images.pngOther than my closest friends (mentioned how we text above) I like texting for the fast results for a question and answer. From my boss, to my parents, people letting me know they are on their way and vice versa. Those are acceptable in my book. I hate wasting my time on the pointless “hey”, “whats up” conversations.

Any arguments? I know there are some, come at me; this is a debate, and this is just my stance on it. Can you sway my perspective on texting, or will you strengthen my views on calling vs. texting?