Dates Gone Awry

Why do so many of us worry about dating, the want to have someone we can call ours?

I believe it is because we want to know that someone cares for us in a way that is completely unconditional and just because of who we are. I know some people date other people based on their looks (I am guilty of this sometimes, it rarely turns out well).

I want to share some of the weirdest dates I have ever had, also some that may seem tragic and I am sure I will look bad in one or two of them. Some of the names of the guys I dated I cannot remember so either it will be he or a fake name.

P.S. My parents read this blog every once in a while so if you guys have stumbled upon this specific post do not read any further, please.

Worst, Most Awkward Date to This Day

Alright so I went on this coffee date and he seemed really nice and had the right way of thinking about his life and all that jazz…until we went for a walk after chatting it up in the coffee shop. Lets just say he was afraid, not of me, not of dating or monogamy but of SEX. I kid you not, he told me he was afraid to have sex again because he had a one night stand for his first time. Maybe I am being a little too harsh but that was a big flashing red light for me.

We never had a second date, thankfully.

Drunkenness is Not a Finesse

I went out to dinner, a low-key dinner, with a guy for the second time. The first time it was good, we had dinner, watched a movie (horror of course), and then I went back home. This date was not a good one. He picked Boston Pizza, OK I am cool with that, who doesn’t mind pizza once in a while. Anyways…lets name him Jason. When Jason and I got to the restaurant it seemed like he had been drinking for a while, I did not say anything yet so we ordered dinner. He kept hugging me to his side, wanting to be really affectionate, and it wasn’t at all romantic or even cute. The kisses were not even good at this point because I was getting pissed off. After I had one slice, he had another beer, did not eat, and we went to leave. I could tell the waitress was being sympathetic towards me and barely speaking to him, directing all the questions to me. I drove back to my car and went home after confronting him about being an ass for getting drunk before our date. Never text him back after that.

Movie Man-handled

Tristan, I remember this guy definitely. We went to a movie for our second date. We had coffee and walked around this lake, it was cute. Movie date started off good, a little awkward because so many couples are so affectionate in public (I am not). But we got into the theatre, chose our spots and settled in for the movie, which I really wanted to see. I don’t go to the movies to make out or just to have an excuse to go out with a guy, it costs money and I can do that free of charge at home…by myself.

Once the movie was 20-30 minutes in he kept putting his hand on my knee, I don’t mind that, but then he would slide it up and it was for one way to soon to be that touchy with a person you’ve seen twice. Secondly I moved his hand away once already and he kept doing it, thinking I will cave in or whatever guys think when they do this. After the third time I turned to him, pushed his hand off and told him “Can you please not” and angled away from him, seething watching the rest of the movie.

He drove us so I could not leave, if I had my vehicle that night I would have been long gone. Most awkward and excruciating drive home as the theatre is 20 minutes from my place.

No means no, men.

Car Catastrophe

Haven’t gotten a clue what his name was and the setting is a little fuzzy, pretty sure we met for drinks at this contemporary sports bar (really cool bar) then we went to the movies (don’t ask what we watched because I have no clue). He and I had a great time, then he walked me to my car, I learned my lesson the last time and drove myself, and offered to warm up in his car while mine ran for a few minutes. My car took a long time to heat up and de-fog. That is when he made his move. He kissed me, OK. But then he just went all in, touching my leg, he actually grasped my hair. I ended the kiss as quickly as he started that and said thanks for the beer and said goodnight, got in my car and left for good.


This one is controversal. I had a great time with Brad, was a little weird and at times annoying but it was a good night. I had been seeing this guy, casually, for a good month and we went out with his friends. I met up with them and played some pool, I won against the sober driver who is a good pool player (maybe that was a fib because I only play pool when I go out, which is rarely) and then we went to a different bar down the road, Canadian Brew House. It was karaoke night and of course we are in Alberta so a lot of it is country music, I dislike country, a lot.

So after a drink I went to the washroom and when I came back they were over with another table, and they took my beer with them, lovely. I joined them, introduced myself to a few new people at the table and sat down with Brad. He is the one that wanted to go sit with other people, basically ignoring his friends, I conversed with the sober one (he was driving, really nice guy so I wanted to be nice) and with the girls I just met at the table with their significant others. The one girl beside me, can’t remember her name for the life of me (I was drunk at this point), and I were chatting as Brad was not being very chatty unless he wanted to talk about the same things over and over.

Brad had gotten drunk because his family was having some issues and he can barely talk about it, but whenever he does it was getting all mixed up. One day he would say one thing and then it would be another version of the story a week later. So he used alcohol to not have to think.

He got frustrated that I was chatting with the people he wanted to sit with so soon we left, but not before Brad went to the restroom and the girl beside me said “why are you with him? He seems like an ass and you are so nice and pretty!” (she was drunk too). It was true now that I think of it and that night was when this started getting too confusing and there was too much drama. It was casual but he contradicted that all the time then he would later say that his sister and even he thought that he was leading me on, he ended things later in a text which then asked if I could meet up with him after…no way in hell. Not even if we were the last two alive would I want to date or hangout with again.


I am sure this will be continued throughout the next year. Stay tuned.