“I am Everything, I am Nothing” by Mindful Roots

“I watched the seconds pass, unhurried. I watched the thick evergreens, mighty yet gentle, peek through the grey fog that cloaked them kindly. Only to wade back into the horizon, with distinguished indifference of it’s audience. The black crows look deep into my soul with its uneasy nature, leaving me feeling uncomfortable yet inquisitive. A seal wades above the water, curious of my humanity. Mammals a like, I wonder greatly of its solitude, as it wonders of mine. The soft laughter of children echoes over the water from a nearby sail boat. The water gently brushes the shore line, a sound so definitively peaceful that it loosens my own blood.

The world is around me and I, simply stuck inside of my distorted mind. This coast. Coated in thick fog. A thick biotic forest, thriving. The ocean, cold, salty, slugged with weeds that bathe gracefully. I am the sum of my surroundings. A breeze, a chill, a warmth in the grey, a softness in the mist, a bite in the saltiness.

The ash from my cigarette floats on the breeze before hitting the surface of the water, polluting it, just as my lungs. Perhaps we will both feel something deeper, anything to distract ourselves if only momentarily. I am forced to wade in my humanity, just as the ocean is forced to wade in salt. I feel everything. I feel nothing. Everything is inevitably fixed. The ocean, salty. My blood, red. I am everything. I am nothing.”
Mindful Roots

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The pictures I am using in this is from her as well, so she deserves all the credit for this post!

My friend owns the Mindful Roots page and she wrote this, sent it to me, so I could post it to my blog. She is the most loving person I know and she is the most inspiring friend I have. Her writing makes people pause and think about what she is saying and how they feel about it. It is incredibly hard to sum her up with just one sentence, one paragraph, one page, or even an entire blog.

So go and check out her blog through the link above and see for yourself just how amazing, wonderful, and insightful she is.

Mindful-Roots will leave a unique mark on this world, I mean, she has already.