The Artistic Side

Do you ever get the itch to draw, to create something still in time out of nothing? Or wish that you could take what you have in your imagination and put out onto something you can see everyday even when you realize you had forgotten that image that was in your head so dearly that you smile when you see it, reminding you of that time you were inspired to do so? Can you draw, sketch, paint from your minds eye? Or do you have to have a reference? Do you cook? Do you plate your food a certain way, feeling accomplished? Do you design houses, buildings? Do you decorate? Do you create recipes? Do you dabble with fragrances? Do you take photographs?

Whatever inspires that passion to make you your own artist, always remember there is no wrong way to express yourself thought art. Don’t let it stop you if you can’t paint, draw or sketch-you can write, take photos, build, create so many other things in this world that we forget to take note that in almost everything we do there is a spark of that artistic ability that most people deny they have because they can’t draw or paint or create a masterpiece of what just galleries call as art.

I love galleries, trust me I do.

For those who are lost, whether you are looking for inspiration or wondering why you keep putting yourself through the ups and downs of not being good enough to make your life a little more fulfilling, or artistic then I do have a book for you that will remind you that we have so much we take for granted. Having the freedom and the acceptance we, especially females get to draw, write, paint and to be able to submit, and do so without fear of getting shamed in society is amazing. The book I read ‘A Mad, Wicked Folly’ by Sharon Biggs Waller is a testament to that. You get to see and feel the oppressive nature that society held for us back in the day.

I always say that I wish I lived back then when dating wasn’t so hard but after I read this I did a double take at my own words, just because people say I am an old soul. Although am I?

We place what others will think to highly in regard to our work, especially myself. I second guess everything based on 1. what my family will think 2.what my friends will think and 3.what I think based on those facts. I know, trust me, I know that is such a bad habit and way of thinking but it is what I do best, and I am trying to stop.

Not having someone to share it with is hard. My family is not so artistic the way I am. I have the drawing thing in common with my little brother but him and I are a whole other issue. I am not close with my grandmother who makes so many things and sells on etsy (love that community) but we haven’t been close since I was really little and even then I don’t really remember events that happened when I was little. So not having someone who is as passionate and strong willed about what I do is difficult to say the least. Although I did find my one friend who is also building a website (I think for working out or for adventures..not sure he just started) so I offered my assistance and hopefully there will be many times we sit for coffee and help each other with our works and it’ll help.

Don’t shut yourself out from your true ambitions no matter how ridiculous they may seem!

So many people in my life as what the hell (pardon) I can do with my degree once I am finished university. Want to know what I say every time?

I can do WHATEVER I want.
(obviously to a degree, not going into science, engineering or whatever like that).