Planning, Creating and Implementing the World…

To all the people who write fiction, even non-fiction; the struggle is real. It is hard to be true to what society believes is the truth about the world and about people in it. Is it wrong to put supernatural characters in your world? No! That just makes it a work of fiction, which a lot of people need to escape for a while.

Planning a world for your story, for myself, is one of the hardest things because I feel as if I have an obligation to correctly represent aspects of the world my characters live in, but at the same time I am obscuring the details and names of exactly where they are sometimes so I can create the setting on which I set the rules on how it looks, where it is, and how close it is to another place. Planning is something I do after I have written the story, or at least a couple of chapters of it as I want it to be real to my vision. I don’t set out what will happen, but that’s for another post.

Creating a setting, a world for the scenes in a book takes time and thought, which I save till after when I am going through my work and hitting the delete button over and over, re-writing parts and putting in new ones. I sometimes sit back and see where my mind takes me, or I write down things that will work on a piece of paper or on my phone to save for when I sit back at my desk and write.

For instance, I went out to hike with my friend and we were having a blast, I was taking pictures of the scenery and the pathways, anything I could find really and then my imagination flooded all other thought as I could literally see a scene unfolding (needed to be tweaked and edited) but I made note of it. I have pictures I can look back on and write in the scenery of that moment in the book, that I now have a plan for, not because when I first thought of the book that I would need to write a scene like this but because I had no thought of it first until my senses flooded with the need to write once my friend and I were running out of the forest-like area of the city to beat the rain back to the car. It honestly takes my breath away when I have that need and the clearest picture in front of my eyes as I am awake, like I am honestly seeing the scene come alive before my eyes.

Time to implement! Put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and write/type away and put that story from your imagination, sticky notes to the test.

If you planned; you are ahead of the rest of us typing in a flurry. Don’t worry if you didn’t; let your imagination run wild and have those characters whisper in your ear telling you what they want to do, that is what I do.