Hey everyone,

Finally back on here. This is going to be short and sweet as I have got to get reading now that I am not as nauseous.

I got the stomach bug. Disgusting right? It was. I don’t think I have gotten the stomach bug since I was little. I seem to be a walking book for illnesses lately. I am so thankful for my amazing coworkers who worked out my shift for me and also my friend and co-worker who drove me home and was so concerned (I know she reads this), so thank you so, so much, you are the best!

Unfortunately due to my recent illness I do not have chapter 2 ready for submission on here yet, I will have it out after Canada Day (July 1). Fireworks! I do have the chapter ready but it isn’t weeded out for errors or has the little changes I wanted to do to it before I put it out there, so hang in there with me.

I will be going out-of-order on the Book Challenge I set out for myself while I scavenge some other ones that I don’t have but need to complete it.

I am so happy I’m almost 100% again and get back on here writing, reading, and blogging.

Complications suck, especially ones of the health.

Thanks guys.