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Book Review Challenge!

Here is the first challenge I will be doing on Isabelle Winters Books.

I am going to read 20 books that I am going to post the reviews right after I have finished reading each one. With my jobs, keeping up with my photography and writing it will definitely be a challenge, but I have hope to finish before summer ends! I read very fast, can finish a 400 page book in 4-5 hours, so it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish 20 with corresponding reviews. There are not going to be any set books on here but if anyone wants to comment suggestions to the book ideals that I am going to list please comment as I appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

Read 20 Books with Reviews Challenge List

  1. A book I own but haven’t read yet (this will get me started on the challenge).
  2. A book that was or is being made into a movie.
  3. A book based solely off the amazing cover.
  4. A book published this year (there are so many!)
  5. A book with a colour in the title.
  6. A book set where I have always wanted to visit (GREECE)
  7. A book with a female heroine.
  8. A book set in the summer.
  9. A book of poems (I don’t know about this one guys…suggestions?).
  10. A book I learned about because of this challenge (either through comments below or related to what I have read 1-9).
  11. A book that will make you smarter (I am thinking a psychology book?).
  12. A book with a blue cover.
  13. A book with a great first line.
  14. A book with non-human characters (Vampire, Werewolf or witch book?)
  15. New York Best Seller.
  16. Book set in high school (thought I escaped that…).
  17. Mystery or Thriller.
  18. A book with my initials (I.W.).
  19. A book with water on the cover
  20. A book based in University/ College (Fiction).

Alright there is the list!

Seriously, I want to get as many people to give suggestions to this challenge. I will have the first one read by the end of tonight and am hoping to hear from some of you by the time I am off work tomorrow afternoon for the second book.

After I finish each book I will be working on the review of the book as well as posting a regular post!

Now it is time for me to find a book I have not read but I have (I have over 150 books, physically). Time to escape into another world…


Who am I? I am an aspiring novelist for starters. I am also a photographer, nanny, and I also work at a float center. I love to create worlds and people out of thin air, I have my own world, sometimes multiple worlds, in my head that want out. So I write, I read, I draw, I research and I love, completely and with my whole self. I don't do anything halfway, I need to go all the way if it is to be done. Compassion is needed in this world and I am here to give it (doesn't mean my book will be all hearts and unicorns; because it definitely is not). You need someone to talk to? I am your girl. I am in University as well as working so this is going to take work, but I welcome it. English major, business minor, for the next three years I will be doing that (maybe more if I get a PhD). Thank you all for visiting, don't hesitate to contact me, no matter how "small" the issue or the greeting is. Love, Isabelle

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