Okay Girls, Lets Talk About Birth Control

Now, compared to the past, are so many different ways to go about protecting yourself from becoming pregnant. Although birth control is awesome and I strongly recommend it, still use condoms.

Back to birth contraceptives. There are so many options out there available to women. It is a bit overwhelming isn’t it?

Here is the list of the more popular ones:

  • Patch – Cost is not much, $0-$80, if you have insurance it may be covered, but from known experience it may not be the fit for you because it is itchy sometimes, I don’t like having things on my skin (it is an adhesive patch worn for 3 weeks/month) and if I am having sex well the patch isn’t that sexy.
  • Contraceptive Pills – I am so bad at remembering to take these! I left the pills behind a long time ago. But for those who are more mindful it is very simple. You get a prescription from your doctor, go to the pharmacy and usually get 3 months worth of pills. Take them everyday for 3 weeks at the same time (within the window of an hour) and the 4th week is a placebo dose (sugar pills) so that you don’t lose track or get a nasty habit of forgetting to take them (like me).
  • The Shot (3 months) – this gets mixed reviews from my friends and doctors. I have never tried this because I always seem to get horror stories from every person I have asked about this. They gained weight, were depressed etc. So in my opinion don’t do this (especially if afraid of needles!).
  • IUD’s – I may be biased but I like this so far. It does get pricey depending on your health coverage (mine was the Kyleena and it was about $400 for the 5 year). My heath insurance covered it but in all honesty if it doesn’t cover for you then just save up, if you want this, and for 5 years it actually is $80/year (just billed all at once when you go pick up the device at the pharmacy).
  • Condoms – I am 99% sure all of my readers know what these are and how to use them. If not please click here.
  • Morning After Pill (Plan B) – The morning after pill is exactly that, you take a pill after you have unprotected sex. From what I have gathered from this site it is effective if taken even 5 days after the event.
  • Abstinence (not exactly followed these days) – Not having sex, simple as that.

And then the not so known and a little weird ones (in my opinion) :

  • Birth Control Sponge (wtf right) – This is a sponge that you insert into the vagina before sex and then take out after sex…it contains spermicide to stop and kill the sperm…weird.
  • Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing) – Stays in for 3 weeks and comes out the 4th to prevent, like and IUD just much less time.
  • Implant (Implanon & Nexplanon) – Up to 3 years, in your arm.
  • Female Condom – Several brands, “pouch” shaped condom that goes in your vagina to prevent pregnancy.
  • Cervical Cap (FemCap) – Small cup shaped silicone object deep inside vagina before sex.
  • Pull-out Method – Obvious.
  • Fertility Awareness-based Methods (FAM’s) – Tracking your cycle and being aware of when you are in high risk of pregnancy.
  • Spermicide – Form of cream, gel, suppositories, film or foam.
  • Sterilization for Women – Close or block the Fallopian tubes, permanently.
  • Breast Feeding as Birth Control – Lasts up to 6 months after given birth.

There are more out there but these are what most woman decide on, and technologies in medicine are always changing and updating.

If any of you want to talk about these methods or read for yourself you can contact me or go to this site for more information.

Remember Ladies these will protect you from unwanted pregnancy, within a percentage of accuracy of course, but not from STI’s so please, please use condoms. Be safe!