Introductory Post

Hey Everyone!

I decided to blog and not just post chapters from my novel Surviving The Storm, because I wanted to share my journey of writing the book as well as keep the writing machine well-oiled, so in other words I want to blog about everything and anything that comes to mind! I love researching and learning, trying new things so this will prove to be interesting.

You can see the About page on my site to see what I am all about, business wise and personally.

Have you started a blog? Are you already a practiced blogger? I am definitely not, I write fiction, not about myself or what is going on in my life (that is saved for emails with my best friend who lives in Victoria, BC). We are old school (at least we like to think so) by writing emails to each other about our lives and what we are feeling/thinking; very similar to a journal entry. Maybe for a post here and there, especially about healthy living and foods, but otherwise it will mostly be me on here (sorry guys, maybe eventually more bloggers will want to pitch in).

I just did a photoshoot at the Floatation Facility I work part-time at and am exhausted, so for an introductory piece this is marked as a C+. It is witty (sort of, right?), personal and not an information overload for you all.

Hang in there everyone, I will get the hang of this.


“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” -Lee Odden

Buddha Floating